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Xocolatz Restaurant & Grill is renowned for their broad range of delicious home-style continental cuisine.  We offer many specialty dishes, daily made soups, fresh salads, quiches, burgers, empanadas, chili, omelets, sandwiches, as well as classic meat, fish and pasta dishes and decadent desserts.  Owners Jaime and Ana Chaves have brought their Brazilian upbringing to their Latin inspired dishes such as skirt steak, empanadas, chorizo and Latin sliders. We are one of a few restaurants in Westfield which offers a BYOB option to complement your meal.  

Since arriving onto the Westfield restaurant scene in a tiny, humble space on Elm Street in 2002, Xocolatz (whose name was derived from chocolate), we started with specialized desserts, a few sandwiches, salads and build a great following with a smile, a handshake and a good turkey sandwich. With customers demand we expanded our menu options, then moved Xocolatz  to its existing space on Elmer Street in 2008 and have been a staple in the community ever since, continuously upgrading the restaurant and menu options. Xocolatz completed an extensive renovation of the dining area and entrance in 2018.  

We offer a delicious brunch on weekends with upscale omelets, French toast, pancakes and more.    Chef Jaime says “We always strive to provide the best to our customers.  Not only do we continually introduce new brunch menu items, we find brunch is a great way for families to reconnect after a long week of work and activities.”  Xocolatz has a popular brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. Families and friends come to Xocolatz from all over the tri-state area.   

If you are having an event, Xocolatz also provides an extensive catering menu and delivery. Whether it be for your lunch delivered by bike around Downtown Westfield, or for a larger affair, Xocolatz will deliver.  For your next party, corporate event, or family reunion, Xocolatz can provide all you need.  In addition to their specialty platters, salads, appetizers, desserts, main dishes, hot buffet, side dishes and sauces,   We will deliver, setup and provide wait staff.  

We believe to be more than a great restaurant. We are family and a bunch of hard-working fun people who just love to serve and cater. We simply serve delicious home-style continental cuisine at comfortable prices. Our chefs are passionate about food and take pride on every dish plated and understand the responsibility that comes with it.  Join us at Xocolatz for a delicious experience, bring a bottle of your favorite wine or sparkles of champagne for your next celebration and please share your positive experience with others.  

We will greet you with a smile, a handshake and a good meal.